Artist Bio

In 2003, as a technologist living in Northern California, a desire bubbled up for a creative outlet that would counterbalance my passion for logical manipulation of computer systems.

My initial exposure to technology was in grade school, where I programed computers to draw geometric pictures for me.  As an adult, I was reminded that imagery and art was my springboard into a career in technology and decided to return to these roots.

Growing up, cameras were always present as my family built countless albums journaling our experiences.  I was especially drawn to my grandfather’s photography.  He would return from trips around the world and share photographs that opened my eyes to the places and cultures that existed outside of my birthplace – Miami, FL.

Photography being a familiar medium, I called my grandfather and asked if he could send me a camera.  Without hesitation, he sent me all of his gear – launching me into the world of photography and starting my love affair with light.

Throughout my journey as a photographer, I have varied in subject matter. Initially, I drew inspiration from Ansel Adams and Alfred Hitchcock to depict dark moods through high contrast, black and white imagery.  My work progressed to photographing the seemingly mundane everyday places and things that surrounded me. My intent, which still echoes in my current work, is to show the viewer that beautiful light exists everywhere if you look closely enough.

My life in San Francisco provided unique moments for colorful street photography and mountainous landscape images that were foreign to me as a native Floridian.  Along the way, I used portrait photography to illustrate the natural beauty that everyone has within them.

Currently, my focus is on abstract art, often using elements that I am spiritually drawn to – water and fire – with a desire to highlight the wonder and beauty of these juxtaposing energies that are vital to our existence as human beings.